The all new STALKER LEGEND range

Proudly celebrating STALKER 25 Year Anniversary! 
Gavin Hurley explains the background to the development of the LEGEND "To commemorate the achievement, I wanted something special, something that reflected everything about Hurleys Fly Fishing and what the Stalker Fly Fishing range stands for, quality and value.
I wanted THE best quality range of fly rods available. I wanted crispness to instantly pick up a line from the water, I wanted power to turn a strong fish from a snag, I wanted to feel so you could cast with your eyes closed, I wanted a finish that had minimal reflection, I wanted fittings that were extremely light, and all using the highest quality graphite that allowed it to be THE lightest in its class. It has taken some time, but so do all great things, and we are about to release what I think is the world’s best fly rod range. When naming this model we couldn’t help but go back to where we started, with the best value for quality rod available in Australia and New Zealand 25 years ago, introducing the NEW Stalker Fly Fishing LEGEND 25 Year Anniversary edition."
Some facts on the NEW LEGEND…  Uses a blend of the highest quality Toray carbon, around 70%, and this is what allows the rod to feel almost inconceivably light in your hand. Now the weight is one thing, but when blended with around 30% of the highest quality Mitsubishi carbon, this is where we get the crispness, power, and strength needed in a rod that will be awesome for many years. The No Flash/Matt Black blank simply eliminates rod flash and keeps you well hidden in all scenarios.  316 stainless single leg guides are used to help eliminate friction by keeping the line off the blank, with a silicone insert stripping guide for maximum shootability. The ultra-high-performance aluminum matt black reel seat weighs only 12 grams with a stunning green carbon-fiber insert made from Toray. 
6 Models in this new range. 7ft6’ 2wt, 7ft6’ 3wt, 8ft 4wt, 9ft 5wt, 9ft 6wt Presentation and 9ft 6wt Fast

Stalker Glide Rod Series

Having had the Stalker Master series in both 2 & 4 weights I was eager to check out Stalkers latest range — “The Glide series”  Gavin from Hurleys Flyfishing was kind enough to supply both a 4 & 5 weight, but it is the 4 weight I wish to concentrate on here. Having just spent a very enjoyable few days in & around the Khancoban area, the Glide 4 weight got a reallygood work out. The rod comes in a solid tube, then all 5 (yes 5) sections are in a cloth bag.Gavin has been very clever here as all Stalker rods come with a second tip section. I have only broken a few rods & all have been the tip.The rod also comes with section aligning dots, this makes for quick assembly.
The first thing I noted was how light the rod was compared to my other 4 weights.I strung it up with a standard weight forward 4 weight line, then added a stimulator & tungsten head nymph a few feet below. The river was pretty swift & I was amazed how quickly I was fishing. Couple of strips & punch the rig up into the current. Over the next couple of hours & a LOT of casting , I managed quite a few fish. This rod is just a pleasure to use. Very light & super quick with little or no fatigue . Later that evening , having taken the nymph off I saw a rise some 40 feet way . Couple of quick strips from the reel , one false cast & “fish on” . A lovely brown of well over two pounds.The Glide 4 weight delivered my fly effortlessly & then was able to handle a feisty brown in some quick water.
For me the Glide ticks all the boxes. Its very light , super fast & powerful.
This rod is delicate enough to present small dries to sippers, but strong enough to fish tandem nymphs under an indicator in heavy water.  
The Glide range begins at 2 weight through to a 10ft 6weight plus a lifetime guarantee. 

Prime Camera System - SONY 

Over the past 12 months we have progressively introduced a new camera system based on SONY E MOUNT lenses.  With this versatile system we utilise two camera bodies, a VG20 camcorder and NEX 7 mirrorless which both share the same APS C sensor and 6 interchangeable lenses.

This system now provides us with great versatility and the creative potential of large image sensors, (1.5X crop factor) fully automatic or manual operation, ultra bright view finders and of course a range of great lenses.

The prime lens is an 18 to 200mm f3.5 lens which covers most requirements, but for even closer work we have the amazing 10 to 18mm f4 lens or the fixed focal length 30mm f3.5 macro focusing lens which is capable of 1:1 imaging.  We look forward to capturing some insect portraits during the coming season!

Other lens options available include the 16 to 50mm compacting power zoom which when coupled with the camcorder makes an extremely small package and can be carried easily in a backpack to the most inaccessible river gorge. 

The superb Zeiss 24mm f1.8 & 18 -70mm f4 zoom  rounds out our lens inventory.

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