April 2021.

These are some of the most effective flies we have used in this seasons stream fishing.

A combination of our own creations and some tried and proven patterns from commercial tiers 

Great photo system from YR3D allows us to show the flies at their best.

Summer Project - Fly Tying Desk

In preparation for our latest NZ trip I wanted a more efficient tying arrangement to compliment the new Stonfo vice.


Size 8 & 10 Royal Wulf with a well weighted Pheasant Tail nymph proved to be the perfect combination and came off the vice in good time and quality

 Chris's tying

Fly fishing to me, is really a "means to an end!" Taking what we produce here at the vice & then reproducing  it on the stream or river!  Presenting it to the fish & hopefully fooling them into a take!

It took me a long time to fish MY flies confidently, instead ,casting flies tied by my friends  - Craig and  Jim. (I knew THOSE flies worked!)

There is nothing more satisfying than producing a fly at the bench- tossing it onto the water & catching a fish, OR even having a fish ( salt or fresh) showing an interest in WHAT you are offering!!

Actually there IS something more satisfying than this -- & that is to have one of your fishing friends catch a fish on a fly that YOU have tied!!

MY flytying- is all about -FUN !! As is all my flyfishing!! But that doesn't  mean it is not successful!

So here are a few of MY patterns that are FUN to tie , but more importantly are productive on the stream!!


Craig Coltman  ties one of his most versatile dry flies, an ideal option for casting  inthebubbleline .. 


Fished successfully by Craig in many locations throughout the world, this fly can be tied using a variety of colours to suit local conditions or times of the day.

     Tied on a size 12 pre made barbless hook

      Black 8/o thread

      Underwing, split white Antron

      Underbody, soft grey rabbit dubbing

      Over wing elk hair

The Cumberland River Beetle   

 The CRB is a non descript pattern based on the very successful "Humpy".  Tied on a Kamasan B160 size 14 or 16, this a very BEETLE-ISH pattern. With a red floss & peacock herl body, a Texas white Tail & a red foam wing case about the same width as the hook. To finish the fly, a grizzle hackle cut off flat with the hook shank.

 The pattern floats well, is easy to see, even in riffle water & has a  "buggy" silhouette.

 I tend to think - if it looks somewhat right & floats in a natural drift, then the fish will take it & they do!!   Good luck!!

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