Southland April 2023

Final week of the season in New Zealand.  
While we were expecting prolific mayfly hatches there was little insect activity.
However we weren't disappointed with the weeks fishing

Kosciusko National Park March 2023

A more remote feeder steam provided one of our best ever days fishing.
This high country stream is a comfortable walk from the trail head and with no trees makes for ideal casting into the runs, riffles and long glides.
Although the strong winds are a real issue

Kosciusko National Park March 2023

Ten days exploring the rivers and streams of the north western park.
From tiny spring creeks, limestone gorges and river head waters we covered some amazing territory.
Highlight was cycling into the headwaters of two major Snowys rivers

New Zealand December 2022

The North Island produced great scenery, great rivers and great fishing.  
Just before the floods!!

New Zealand December 2022

A return trip to New Zealands north island after several years.
Fishing some amazing rivers which were in perfect condition and discovering some some new water which held surprising large brown trout

Millbrook Lakes Lodge Aug 2022

A few days fishing the still water lakes just before the opening of the newstream season.
In company with Greg and Brent and expertly guided by Scott and Kiel, we achieved a hat trick of rainbows browns and brook trout with some memorable trophies along the way.

Otway Highlights, Season 2021-22

The Otway streams provided some great fishing this season.  Streams were visited with high water in the early months through to very low and clear during summer.
The resident brown trout provided great sport throughout the season with several "record" catches which have been included in these highlights.

Stalker Legend Euro - 10' 3wt                    

The newest edition to the range of Stalker rods, the Legend Euro has been put through it paces on some small forest streams over recent weeks and has been a huge surprise.  
Not only ideal for deep nymphing (when the water flow allows) its also a great performer for roll casting dry flies into small pocket water or long casts with a dry dropper rig up to the head a long pool.
If your water allows head room for a 10' rod, try the Legend Euro, you'll be surprised by its versatility

March 2022                                                           The Buckland River

During our NE Victorian trip the Buckland River produced some great fly fishing.

At times this river can be very frustrating but not this day.  Browns and rainbows were lining up to take our dry flies drifted inthebubbleline

March 2022                                                                                           On a Mountain Creek

This small tributary provided some fantastic fishing during our recent trip to Victoria's north east rivers.

We were pleasantly surprised by the number and size of fish from such a small creek.

December 2021                                                          Exploring the Snowy's

Our eMBT's provided a unique opportunity to explore the many streams and creeks of the Kosciusko National Park.

Several beautiful fish came from surprisingly small waterways. Looking forward to many more visits in the future

December 2021                                                              Snowy Mountains Kosciusko National Park
We fished a number of river in this spectacular region and while river levels were still high we found no shortage of eager browns and rainbow willing snatch a dry fly from the surface.
The river flows also suited our deep nymphing techniques which proved very effective, even through a run which had earlier seen fish take a dry fly

October 2021

Early season trips to Victoria's North East streams around Marysville.  Good spring rains have again ensured high levels in even the smaller tributaries.                                                      

Brown and rainbow trout were occasionally enticed to take a dry fly while the majority were caught using deep nymphing techniques

 A season on the Cumberland River 2021

A compilation of Instagram posts from the past season.  

With above average winter rainfall and a very wet spring time this Otways Ranges river produced some memorable sessions. The resident browns were in prime condition.

March 2021

Kosciuszko National Park

An energetic week spent exploring the major rivers and feeder creeks.   Rock hopping between pools on these alpine streams produced some great fish with most rising to take our dry fly offering

Season 20-21

Trentham on the Coliban River

Central Victoria

Excellent spring rain this season saw this small river come alive with wild brown trout only too willing to rise to a dry fly drifted  inthebubbleline

December 2020

Our NZ trip was cancelled this year so we found and alternative in Victoria's north east rivers and streams.  Staying in Harrietville on the banks of the Ovens River we had easy access to this great trout stream and visited many others in the surrounding district.

New Zealand December 2019

Our trip to New Zealand in December 2019 covered several major rivers and many smaller tributaries of the North Islands Eastern Region. Spectacular scenery and incredibly strong fish which proved a test for both our gear and skill

Season Review 2019

The Otways continues to be the "go to" destination for beautiful fern lined streams and lovely wild brown trout.  This video is a collection from my 2019 excursions

December 2018

Our first trip to Tasmania for several years and this time we concentrated on the rivers and streams of the North East. Commencing with the St Patricks and visiting the Great Forrester, Ringarooma and the headwaters of the Nth & Sth Esk. Magnificent forest scenery, beautiful weather and mostly cooperative fish.

September 2018

Opening weekend for our new fly fishing stream season included a stopover on the Coliban River in Central Victoria.

Fishing the small river leading to the base of Trentham Falls saw an abundance of beautiful small brown trout eagerly rise to our dry flies drifted in the bubbleline runs

May 2018

Tight Creek:  A small tributary of the upper Swampy Plains River where the surrounding bush almost encloses the creek.  It makes for challenging fly casting where roll casts and short bow and arrow presentations are the norm.

November 2017

Khancoban Creek:  This delightful small high country stream starts its journey around 1600m above sea level & tumbles through several picturesque gorges during it's 22km journey to join the Swampy Plains River

There's a host of small to medium browns and rainbows and a few surprises!

November 2017

Thunder Creek

With the Swampy Plains River a raging torrent of snow  melt water we sought a quieter option for a last few moments before a thunder storm descended upon us from the high mountains.

The colourful rainbows gave us great sport in this little tight creek.

May 2017

Last River for 2017

We covered a variety of high country streams in the last week of this years river season.  Chris had been busy at his tying vice in preparation for the trip.

The weather was very kind, river levels were ideal and with the rivers to ourselves we had some great fish, both browns and rainbows. 

April 2017

The Ovens in Autumn

"Ovensdale" is a delightful rental property on the banks of the Ovens River at Harrietville.

Walking down through the manicured gardens to the riverside to catch wild brown and rainbow trout on a dry fly sounds more like a dream than reality.  However that's what Ovensdale offers and exactly what we experienced for our autumn visit to the Ovens River.

The fish were mostly eager to take dry flies, although some needed to be tempted from their undercut banks by nymphs or wee wets drifted past their noses.

The Ovens again proves to be the ideal autumn destination.

March 2017

The Snowy Mountains

The head waters of snowy mountain rivers provide a particular challenge for the fly fisher prepared to tackle the often long and difficult walks.

In the deep channels and pools between boulders trout are on constant watch for insects drifted in the bubble lines of this unique pocket water environment.

During the height of summer grasshoppers make up a large proportion of the trout diet and it can be an exciting fishing to have large fish emerge from the depths and smash bright yellow patterned grass hopper flies.

Chris's foam bodied pattern worked a treat on this section of the Swampy Plains River

November 2016

The Snowy Mountains

The northern Snowy Mountains offer some ideallic fly fishing, from mountainous boulder strewn rivers to quiet tussock lined creeks. 

We visited a number of small alpine streams and several larger rivers experiencing near perfect weather conditions and ideal water levels.

All that was needed was the right fly, the right drift, in the right bubble line and we were frequently rewarded with healthy specimens of resident browns and rainbows. 

March 2017

Rivers & Waterfalls of the Otways

Our nearest flyfishing is found in the streams of the Otway Ranges which fringe the southwestern coastline of Victoria.

A short drive and we are in the steep rain forested ravines of the Otway ranges and a dozen or more small stream fishing options. In the headwaters of most streams tall waterfalls tumble into deep well formed pools which provide an all season habitat for the resident brown trout.

Protected in these pools from regular fishing visitors and the extremes of weather, fish can grow to surprisingly large proportions.  A real challenge for our usual light 2wgt fly fishing tackle.

December 2015


The rugged slopes of the Snowy Mountains provide the source of many rocky mountain rivers. These pocket water streams create the ideal habitat for large brown trout, and ensure a challenge to catch on light weight fly tackle.

It’s very much “poke & prod ” water!  Poke the fly here, prod that bit of water there. But don’t be mistaken into thinking this is TWIG water. NO NO! The dry stimmulator or caddis might only drift a meter or so & then…. SMASH!  That three pound brown erupts from a few feet below the surface & grabs your fly, running you ragged around the shallow granite rocks! It’s about then that a deft net man comes in, & with the help of a good cameraman, records the capture, & its ‘high fives’ all round!

December 2015


This small Snowy Mountain stream provided a great day of fly fishing, photography and companionship.

How privileged are we to spend time together on this delightful piece of water! Whilst not easy to get to - the best bits never are - the 2 wgts (some even preferred fibreglass) light tippets & small dries, make for a congenial day out wandering this meandering stream!

And add some of the most beautifully marked fish we’ve ever seen. Thanks Guys.

February 2014


Our base in the NZ Southland town of Lumsden was the ideal location to access the Mataura River and it's tributaries.  Our goal, the finicky willow sawfly feeders

The ultimate dry fly bubble line adversary

High summer sees the mature grubs drop from their willow leaf home and plop into the slow flowing low water pools of this famous NZ waterway. Resident brown trout are quick to respond to the feeding opportunity and can become single mindedly fixated on scooping up every last falling grub.

November 2013


Rafting the Swampy Plains River  

From Khancoben poundage the Swampy Plains River runs for almost 20km through privately owned pasture land.   To access the fly fishing opportunities this stretch of the river offers a suitable floating raft is required.

With this kind of transport every river bend with its gravel bars, split runs and the occasional backwater allows access to some great fly fishing.

February 2013

On the Edge - Fiordland NZ

Several rivers border the remote Fiordland wilderness of New Zealand's South Island.

They provide a particular challenge for the visiting flyfisherman who must firstly determine which fly is in season.  But the fit and feisty fish of these rivers don't give up easily!  Once hooked, getting them successfully into a net can often prove to be a very demanding exercise.

As these rivers run through some of NZ's most spectacular scenery, all the effort is well worthwhile

December 2012

The Evening Rise

This can be a time of great fun or even greater frustration when a seemingly barren stream suddenly comes alive with rising trout as the sun begins to set in the late afternoon.  

Quietly sipping brown trout feeding just below the surface were contrasted against the noisy splashes of rainbows which at times saw fish leaping well above the river surface.  Our problem became - which fish to cast to and what fly to present?

The activity continued well into the late evening which made fishing and filming equally challenging.

October 2012

Early Season In Tasmania 

Just recently returned from chasing trout in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. 

This is trout fishing at its purist.  Walking the margins of  these lakes in the predawn, standing back from the edge & scanning the shallows for the telltale swirl of a feeding trout, sometimes in only a few inches of water. Once a working fish is sighted a low approach is mandatory and an "over the grass" cast is on the way to intercept a feeding fish. 

Stalking trout in this manner is very challenging to say the least, but it is great fun & very rewarding- the very pinnacle of our sport!

September 2012

The Ovens in Autumn 

The trout season was almost over for the year when we heard from our local Proangler store that late season rain had produced an unusually healthy flow in Victoria's north eastern rivers.

Small browns & rainbows were feeding actively throughout the upper reaches of the Ovens River.  

We were keen to take part in this late season activity and so a hastily planned trip 

...   and 30 fish in 10 hours!

April 2012

Into the High Country 

The south western slopes of Mount Kosciuszko provide the start to many small creeks and streams which tumble down steep slopes and pass through deep ravines before joining together to form the rivers which all eventually flow into the mighty Murray River.

The Swampy Plains and Geehi Rivers are two such High Country rivers.  This was the location of our recent filming trip.  

Light 2 weight Stalker rods and buoyant stimulator flies cast into the bubble line, were an ideal combination in these mountain streams. 

 March 2012

A Wee Spring Creek.  

A small spring creek which bubbles up from the middle of a grassy cow paddock, makes its way a short distance across open pasture land before emptying into a major River.  This was our fall back location when persistent rainy weather closed down the main rivers. 

This unique spring creek sees insect hatches occur at the same time, every day throughout the year.  The resident population of large brown trout never tire of the prolific hatch, sometimes even taking the artificial offering by mistake......

February 2012

Two million years ago the great tectonic plates of southeastern Australia began to bend and buckle.

Major movements along southern Victorian fault lines created the structure we know today as the Otway Ranges.

Rapid erosion accompanying the uplift formed deep steep sided valleys, with rapidly flowing creeks and many waterfalls, cascades and rapids.

This effect created a major feature of the Otways...

       The Cumberland River Gorge

 March 2012

Southland Rivers

The weather was less than kind to us during this years New Zealand trip.  With the main rivers closed following heavy rain we were forced to venture much further afield for our Southland Rivers experience.


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